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Real Life / Eyeing the new neighbor's wife....
« on: October 18, 2022, 03:22:26 PM »
So basically I just moved to this new location for work because I applied and got accepted for a new job. Been here for over two months and from the first week I've always had those little thoughts of making a move on my neighbor's wife. She sends me cakes every morning and evening, and we trade some good conversations along the way.

Those thoughts didn't really start intensifying until recently ever since last week, she came over to deliver cakes in the evening after her jog and I saw how fuckable her body was. Thick thighs, plump ass, and her scarf was raised higher so her tits popped up, like she wanted me to see those melons. I took the opportunity to talk to her a bit longer on that day, sliding in some flirtatious jokes but she brushed them off and kind of brushed them off in a jokingly way, which turned me on because I sure do love a challenge. Her husband isn't home a lot and is stationed away from the area so I'm thinking of going all in. Pics attached taken yesterday. Will keep yall updated lol. She's definitely a tough nut to crack though but this ain't my first rodeo

Real Life / Re: What's the most fucked up thing you made a mom do?
« on: October 11, 2022, 07:27:39 AM »
My friend's mom. Sexy ass bbw with a jiggly ass and nice floppy tits. Clearly isn't being fucked right. Fucked her senseless and made her call herself my whore while her 20 year old son was sleeping downstairs lol. Was fucking her so good got her telling me how her husband never fucked her that good. While she was sucking me off I grabbed her hand and made her spit on her wedding ring. We only did it once though but fuck I'd love to do it again

Real Life / Re: I had sex with my son's friend
« on: November 03, 2021, 11:25:16 PM »
You're hot as fuck. You son's friend is a really lucky guy.

Well my friend owed me money after he crashed my car and still hasn't payed up. I wouldn't say I hate him for it but I hate the fact that he hasn't payed up yet and it was one of the reasons I fucked his mom lol. bet he'd hate me if he found out though but for now...

Real Life / Re: Real Story: I fucked my friend's mom
« on: May 17, 2021, 09:14:26 PM »
I won't really specify where I'm from but that's definitely on the list haha, gotta give her that first so that the next time she's down for something nastier. Maybe next time I'll try to get a video too

well my main fetish is just MILF and none of that f'd up stuff, so the seduction option maybe is probably the most accurate one here. and i kinda have a pretty athletic body so, probably gonna help my chances with getting someone's mom into it 🤔

Real Life / Re: Real Story: I fucked my friend's mom
« on: May 13, 2021, 02:58:44 PM »
Haha for sure man, should be the perfect excuse to go over to his house, cause I definitely ain't gonna deny the opportunity to hit that again 😏

Real Life / Real Story: I fucked my friend's mom
« on: May 12, 2021, 10:16:57 PM »
This is less of a bully fucks mom story but more of a friend fucks mom story.

First things first, we're both Muslim. And I honestly always had a fetish for MILFs. But I've never really thought of fucking my friend's mothers or fantasized about them. But this time, it was different due to some factors...

Me and my friend have been friends since we were in Form 2, since we were 14. He was not really the stereotypical cuck but, the one thing he is is a complete nerd. He's a total nerd and a geek. And to be honest in HS I was also kind of a "geek" by appearance. So we kind of became friends based off of talking about computers and stuff. I was the more IT intellect person in the group and whenever he needed some help regarding PCs, gadgets or softwares he would ask me personally or message me. Now to get straight to the point, when we were 17, I had a sleepover at my house when my mom wasn't home, and he came over along with two other friends. We played games and stuff and since my mom wasn't home I figured out I'd take them out for a spin. I drove them around the neighbourhood. Then my friends wanted to see what it felt to drive a car. So I did give them the opportunity to do so, and even 'my friend' included. But it kinda all went to hell when on his turn, he crashed my mom's car. I was pissed, and I demanded him to pay back for the damages. But at the time he didn't have any funds so he payed me 50 at first. The cost to repair the damages was around 1,500. Long story short I had to sell my iPad to fix the car on the spot and my friend promised me to pay back the damages, as soon as he earns enough money. So I was like ok.

Throughout high school I never really met his mom. However I was pretty close with his sister who was 2 years younger than me. She was my junior in high school and was a part of the club that I led. I only met his mom last year when he asked me if I was free to volunteer and help him and his mom at a night market, because something came up for one of the cooks. So I did, and that's when I met his mom. She's been married to his dad for almost 30 years, and it seems like he treats her right with the big ass ring she had on her finger. His mom wasn't really stunning, but she looked good. But the real point of attraction is her body. In pics attached below, you can see. Her body is smoking hot. She had perfect breasts and a really plump ass, and at the time she was wearing tight clothes. She probably thinks the people around her aren't paying attention, but someone as young as me absolutely admired the sight of that massive ass just jiggling with every step she takes. I helped my friend and his mom cook and around midnight when it was over she thanked me for my help and shared a link of her facebook page to me, so that she could contact me whenever she needed help again (since me and my friend lived close to each other). It was mostly posters and advertisements on her Facebook page, but her profile pics are what really took my attention. She was looking real good in her profile pics and wearing quite tight clothes where I was able to admire the curves on this MILF even closer. From that point on, I found myself sometimes fantasizing about giving my friend's mom a good old dicking down.

Fast forward to when all of this went down, February 2021. We are both 22 now. And yes, we always remained in contact through WhatsApp and stuff, just friend shit. One day my friend hit me up asking me for help because his PC broke down, so of course being a good friend I went to help him, even if it was at the time around 9-10 PM something like that. His home is not really that far anyway. So I fixed his PC, but it took quite a while, so by the time I had already finished he was already preparing to sleep. I was about to say goodbye and go home but he then convinced me to sleep over at his house because it was already late past midnight at the time. Little did I know at the time that this was a blessing... So I said fuck it, and agreed to spending the night there. I didn't really sleep. I just laid around playing with my phone, and then at a point I felt hungry. I wanted to ask my friend if he had any noodles so I can cook em up but he was already fast asleep (it was around 1 AM) so I decided not to bother him and just do it myself.

I got out of his room and was about to go to the kitchen when I saw his mom was sitting there watching TV in the hall outside the room. She basically just greeted me which I responded to the same way, and then asked me why I was up so late, and whether my friend was already asleep. At that point it seemed like my hunger just went away, at the sight of my friend's fine ass mom, and my desires got the best of me as I sat down on the sofa that she's sitting. It wasn't really awkward as she was open to it and didn't really mind me sitting closely. My mind started going places. The tight shirt that my friend's mom was wearing truly emphasized her big juicy tits and the fact that she was wearing a necklace that her hubby gave her made me want her even more. Also the fact that my friend still hasn't paid back for the damages to my car that he crashed, I knew that I wanted her, and in a way I knew she surely wanted me despite not showing it. Why wouldn't she? What makes it seem like she doesn't? She's married, and has been married for 30 years, she's got a wedding ring on, but yet she's right here, knowing that her son's friend was sleeping over, yet she's wearing tight clothes and a sarong. If anything, the signs told me she wanted my young cock to fuck her right. We started talking, and I opened up the conversation asking her about her husband. My friend's dad wasn't home that day. He was outstation for around 2 weeks. As soon as I heard this, I knew if I played my cards right, I'd have that MILF pussy on lock. As the conversation went on I could feel it getting a lot more open and I started sneaking some small sexual jokes in there. Started making small jokes about how her husband was brave to leave a fine ass woman like her at home. I knew she was liking it and feeling me as she was laughing at all these jokes and didn't even try to shut them down. Pretty strange for a married, devout Muslim housewife who has been married for 30 years right?  😜 . As soon as I saw where this was heading, I started making moves. Got a bit closer to her and started touching my dick, trying to get her to see my dickprint. I kept my eye on her and caught her looking at the print through my pants, and I started rubbing my dick more, and then I made the move and asked her what she was looking at. She was obviously a bit embarrassed for being caught but I told her not to be too shy, and told her she could just ask me if she wanted a taste of it. At first she was a bit reluctant, trying to maintain her "faithful housewife" image but eventually she would fold at the sight of big young dick, and started rubbing my dick with her soft hands. I laid back and let her do the work. She talked about how well built I was and how big my dick was, and I sneakily asked her if it was bigger than her husband, which she just replied with a "mhmm" , as she continued rubbing it. I saw the opening and began fondling her juicy tits, palming it and rubbing her nipples trying to get her aroused even more. I found that shit even hotter considering my friend was literally in the room just in front of us and not knowing that his 'faithful' happily married mom was rubbing his friend's young cock. Eventually, I had enough and wanted to take it further. I didn't want to wait anymore, and I wanted to see her full bare naked body and wanted no one to interrupt us. I knew it was wrong, but there was no way I was going to reject. Especially when my friend's mom is such a smoking hot milf. She then took me upstairs to her bedroom.

As soon as the door was locked she immediately pulled me and made me kiss her neck. We kissed sloppily for a few minutes as we messily took off our clothes, and I got to see the full bare body of my friend's hot mom. Her tits are even more beautiful in person, and her ass was even more peachy and juicy. I gave it a bit of a slap as I kissed her neck, and then grabbed it, whispering in her ear about how badly I wanted to see it bounce on my dick. I took my pants off and showed her my 7 inch, thick dick. Then, I lied down on her bed and she immediately got to work, sucking my dick, spitting al over it, giving me a sloppy blowjob. And good god.. it was the best head I've ever gotten. Her hubby is one lucky guy, well except for that night 🤷‍♂️. Then As if ready to take my young cock, she bent over on the bed, ready to take me. (attached img). We spent the whole night not caring about whoever hears us and fucked through the night, in a really hot fuck session. She would tell me numerous times how I'm fucking her real good and how I'm fucking her much better than her husband ever could. She'd tell me she had never been fucked this hard before as I was pounding her pussy. From what I heard and saw coming from her... it looks like I gave her the best dick she'd ever gotten. We tried a lot of positions. Bent her over in doggystyle. Got her riding my dick in cowgirl. Stared deep into her eyes giving her that feeling of guilt of cheating on her husband like a slut in missionary.. and to top it off I came and dumped all of my hot cum deep in her pussy. It seems like she hadn't had enough of my dick, so we went for a round 2 and then the second time I came all over her juicy tits. After giving her a good fucking, I got out of her room sneakily, and then went back downstairs. Thankfully, my friend was still asleep (somehow with all that noise) , so I just dug in for the night along with him.

I left his house early morning, even if we had promised to get some breakfast. I explained myself and gave an excuse through text and he was like "Oh ok" . When I got home, I reflected on everything that had happened, and thought about just how hot it was. And honestly now? I feel like the money that my friend owed me, I'd consider it settled at this point 😏  I don't really contact his mom much and even now after everything that happened I still don't. But I sure won't rule out paying my friend and his mom a little bit of a visit again!

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