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Fantasy Discussion / Re: Kik Group
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Real Life / Re: My mom's nudes
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literally copied and pasted your name - it didnt work

Fapping Materials / New Show for you guys
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hahaha no way - and sorry if you already had this topic come up.

New twist for season of 'Milf Manor'

Fapping Materials / Re: Ongoing adventures of a bull
« on: May 20, 2023, 02:20:08 AM »
Tina led the way into a nice-looking bedroom, which would have been in complete darkness if not for a single lamp on the nightstand that had been intentionally left on. Other than the padded seat that directly faced the bed, there was nothing out of the ordinary in here. It had a nice smell, a flowery scent filled the room, it oddly calmed Ace a little. They kissed once more, as they did so Ace reached his hands up her back, rolling down her robe off both of her shoulders. Rather than dropping it to the floor or throwing it, he kept hold of it as he took it down off her, making sure that she would feel it move down her back. Once his hands were in the area he moved them onto her ass cheeks. He loved squeezing ass cheeks but he fought his temptation to start with a firm grip rather than for a tight grasp just yet. Tina let out a soft moan.

It was here that Ace pulled away from the kiss, he grabbed her by the hand and moved her slightly back so that he could get a full view of her unbelievably sexy body in her lacey black lingerie. He twirled her around, giving her ass a cheeky slap and knowing by her grin she enjoyed having fun. “I want you now,” he said as a whisper, pulling her to him and picking her up with both his arms placed under her ass. She wrapped her legs around him and it was everything that Ace had been picturing all night. They kissed some more as he held her, he could feel her wetness sliding over his abdomen, his cock stretched out underneath her.

He dropped her onto the bed. Lifting both of her legs up by the ankles and looked at them up and down, following the direct line till he had the best view of his life. He was sick of waiting. He stretched her legs apart and kissed down the inside of her leg, feeling her shivers get more intense the further down he got, till he got to the best part. Light licks first, mixed with kisses on her sweet lips. Her moans indicated she was ready for the anticipation and foreplay to stop too. Once Ace felt it was right he sped up, he placed his face firmly on her groin, grabbed her pelvis with his hands and ate her enthusiastically. Ace wasn’t receiving anything at this point, but it felt so good. It felt good to hear her moans, it felt good to have her hand behind his head pushing it towards her. It felt good when he heard the door open and someone come to take a seat behind him. He enjoyed looking at her, making eye contact once more with her and the fleeting moments she would look away to clearly be watching her husband behind him. This was the greatest feeling in the world – this is the high he had been searching for after years of feeling flat on the dating scene.

Fapping Materials / Re: Ongoing adventures of a bull
« on: May 13, 2023, 03:09:11 AM »
Once Ace parked the car, the breath he took bought him back to reality as if it was the first one he had taken in the 15 minutes it took to say goodbye, find his car and drive to the address he was given. He couldn’t remember the trip here. The porchlight was on and he could see through the screendoor into the house. He reached over to the passenger sit, picked up something small, got out of the car got out and made his way towards the house. Every step further both excited and terrified him. Ace had met up with women before, in interesting circumstances, including having public sex multiple times, but this was it…this was somewhat into the lifestyle he had found for himself. He opened the door, announcing his entry. “Come in,” he heard Tina say.

He walked down the hallway of the incredibly nice house. It was clear they were quite wealthy and that they took the décor of their house seriously. As he exited the hallway, there was a small table with keys and some pictures on it. A family shot, not taken overly long ago, of Cameron and Tina with a young guy and girl, presumably their children. Ace’s attention went to the couch, where Tina sat cross-legged in a thin robe, but had kept her heels on. He heard Cameron in the kitchen first and realised he could see him quietly getting them all some drinks. Ace sat down so that part of Tina’s leg could extend out and be slightly over his knee, he was still new to all this, so he felt awkward in passing over a box of chocolates he had bought to her as if it was a 10-year-old buying something for the girl he liked. “Thankyou,” Tina said with a smile. She looked as if she wanted to playfully tease Ace’s current awkwardness but decided not to. “I’m glad you’re here, you’re not going to get cold feet on me are you?”
“I’ll never forgive myself if I do,” he said, resuming the eye contact with Tina that visibly gave them both an immensely powerful feeling shoot through their bodies. “Good.” She said, grabbing his face and deeply kissing him once more, reaching her leg out further over Ace who reached his hand down onto the back part of her leg and ran it up till it grabbed hold of her ass underneath the robe.

Cameron placed the drinks on the table quietly and placed himself on the single seat with a perfect view of them both. Ace heard the faint sound of a zipper being pulled down. They kissed for a while, stopping and starting, Ace would kiss or nibble her neck and he could feel her head turn in the direction of her husband and mouth things to him. Eventually, with her hands, she unzipped Ace and took out his dick, which was ready to go. “We are working with a very pretty one today aren’t we baby?” Ace didn’t know whom she was talking to, but luckily he didn’t answer as he heard Cameron reply. “Yes definitely. What are you going to do with it?”
“I think by the sounds of it…we are all ready to go? Baby, maybe this one this time you give us a few minutes first – if I don’t get that tonight I am going to be very cranky.” There was no reply, but Tina got up and grabbed one of his hands to lead him in that direction. Ace out of his periphery could see Cameron reclining and getting himself worked up too.   

Fapping Materials / Re: Ongoing adventures of a bull
« on: May 06, 2023, 04:50:54 AM »
After all of the small talk, whilst Ace wasn’t ready at this moment for that question, he didn’t stumble. He had no reason to, he already had a favourite quality of Tina, so his answer was as sincere as could be. “Well, both your tits and ass are incredible, but it was actually your legs that attracted me first when I saw your pictures, particularly the one in that little skirt. I kept thinking about them wrapped around my face or my body and that was what got me real hard.” She giggled, even taking her gaze off him for a moment. Cameron looked down at her with a knowing and satisfied smile. “Would you like a drink honey?” he eventually asked.
Ace quickly put his hand up, “I’ll get the next round.” Ace said assertively, getting their orders and making his way over.

The chance to go to the bar did a couple of things, Ace hated the idea of looking like a cheapskate, so this made him feel better for their time meeting him this evening. It also gave him a moment to take a breath and reflect on how it was all going. It felt like it was going well. Would something happen tonight? Or would there be a second date? He wasn’t quite sure, but as he positioned the three cups into his hand's comfortably once he got his orders, his nerves were both settled but shocked as he turned around. Tina had switched seats to the one next to where he had been sitting. I guess it was going well. She shot him a small naughty glance as he got everybody’s drinks down and took his former spot, now next to Tina. They resumed the conversation, Ace felt Tina’s hand move onto his thigh. Ace shot a look, dead ass into her eyes and smiled, her grip tightened on his leg. The conversation took a naughtier turn from here, Ace’s responses were getting less eloquent the hornier he got, which amused both Cameron and Tina at the table. A lot of the questions were about his past experiences, which was another fine line to walk between sharing, bragging or being accused of lying. He’d been honest enough already, including that this was a new experience and banked on that adding to his sincerity. He did leave out the kink on cucking a son though.

Tina’s hand would move around every so often and have a squeeze. It obviously felt good, but that wasn’t what was driving Ace crazy. It was the ongoing movements of their eyes locking with one another’s that was the best part. She was deeply gazing at him, his lips, his eyes, even his shoulders and she wasn’t smiling in these moments. Tina was deep in concentration as she observed his features and was clearly picturing them together. To an outside observer, it looked like she wanted to consume him right there at the table. This is what got Ace rock hard, the moments of deep eye contact, often not saying a word for what felt like minutes at a time. It was so intense that eventually, Ace remembered her husband was sitting there watching everything, silently, but he kept his attention on Tina. She must have felt how horny he was and soon uncrossed her legs under the table. There didn’t need to be any more of an invitation and just with one hand reached under and tiptoed his fingers up her thigh and groin. Ace thought he was going to blow right there at the table when he felt her dripping through her pants. Ace bit his lip as a method of controlling himself. Tina broke the silence, “Baby, why don’t we head back to our place.”
“Of course dear.”

Fapping Materials / Re: Ongoing adventures of a bull
« on: April 28, 2023, 01:30:45 PM »
Sorry for the holdout - things been happening - but I also rewrote the next things a lot. Especially after I sought help from actual cuckold couples on reddit etc.

It was 7pm on a Tuesday, the bar in one of the wealthier suburbs of Sydney was understandably quiet. As Ace walked in, he noticed the others there had likely come after a day at work closeby for a meal and drink. He was not from this area and had already battled with what to wear before he left, every guy here was wearing a suit. He’d dressed nice, a pair of chinos and a nice tee shirt, opting to dress in his own style that he would be comfortable in, rather than be something he wasn’t. Approaching the bar, Ace made an effort to appear calm, casual and confident – essentially that he belonged there. Tonight was the night he was meeting his first couple and he didn’t know whether they had arrived early and were already scoping him out. He bought himself a beer that was needlessly expensive and sat at a spare table, intentionally choosing a central and visible one that had enough chairs. With his beer on the table and a view of the few people there and the footy game on tv, Ace reclined as much as he could, raising his spare arm over the seat next to him. His natural inclination was to go for the phone in his pocket, but he was not going to take it out and look comfortable in his own space.

Soon enough, a couple walked in. Ace’s heart jumped as he immediately recognised it was them, particularly ‘Tina’, the hotwife of the couple. In the moment of stress, there was also an internal sigh of relief that they were real and she was as sexy as she had presented herself in her emails and pictures. She wasn’t tall, but she was definitely fit. Shoulder-length blonde hair that was extremely curly, tanned skin suggesting mixed heritage – maybe Greek or Italia, but hard to say. Her dress was showing some cleavage, it went down to above her knees. It hugged her figure brilliantly. Ace soon caught himself that he had been staring because as the pair split – with her silver-haired partner going to the bar, he realised he hadn’t even seen the face of ‘Cameron’ yet with his deep analysis of Tina. She sat down at the table opposite him, giving him a warm smile, “Hi,” Ace said with a smile.
“Hello,” she said with a slightly husky voice. It was a delicate point – Ace wanted to look at her more, he felt he looked long enough that genuinely reflected his desire to fuck her, but short enough to not make things uncomfortable. Luckily enough, Cameron wasn’t long before he got back. A taller feller, with a clean cut and pleasant vibe about him. Ace stood up and extended his hands to shake theirs, the least he could do considering he was hoping to fuck this dude’s wife. Ace’s handshake with him was met with a fairly dainty grip before all of them sat down.

There was small talk for a while, which was surprisingly easy with these two, which helped ease Ace. Cameron worked in Human Resources for a printing company, Tina ran her business from home which mainly worked with skin care. Made sense considering how young she looked. Both of them took an interest in Ace, who did his best to return questions of his own so it didn’t feel so much like an interview. He found himself loving the brief moments his and Tina’s eyes met, even for brief moments and the feeling that burst through his entire body.

Eventually, Tina felt confident enough to ask, “So Ace, what was the first thing about me that stood out to you? Was it my tits or ass?”

Fantasy Discussion / Re: Discord Server
« on: April 03, 2023, 07:08:27 AM »
yo whats the current link???

Fantasy Discussion / Re: Any1 ever told their Mom about the fantasy?
« on: February 26, 2023, 04:04:10 AM »
sounds promising if its legit

Real Life / Re: Math teacher
« on: October 17, 2022, 07:37:14 AM »
No way its legit

Fapping Materials / Re: My mom
« on: October 15, 2022, 01:33:47 AM »
your kik didn't come up bro

Real Life / Re: Hot insta moms
« on: October 05, 2022, 12:47:19 AM »

Fapping Materials / Re: Ongoing adventures of a bull
« on: September 10, 2022, 06:00:27 AM »
Hey everyone,

Haven't forgotten about my project. Life has been busy - BUT I am just getting to the scenes where the character meets his first cuckold couple. I have been reaching out online to couples in the lifestyle and asking them questions and getting them to look at what I am writing to try and deliver stuff that is more realistic.

Fapping Materials / Re: Ongoing adventures of a bull
« on: September 10, 2022, 05:59:49 AM »
Hey everyone,

Haven't forgotten about my project. Life has been busy - BUT I am just getting to the scenes where the character meets his first cuckold couple. I have been reaching out online to couples in the lifestyle and asking them questions and getting them to look at what I am writing to try and deliver stuff that is more realistic.

Fapping Materials / Re: Ongoing adventures of a bull
« on: August 05, 2022, 11:54:48 PM »
The rundown of potential cuckson 1) Username: Cortezmartine
This guy was pretty young, specifically, he was 19 years old. American kid went to school in Austin, Texas but had grown up not far from there. A guy of mixed heritage with a Hispanic background, he spoke very highly of his mother. Her name was Maria, a Mexican-American single mum who had always done her best for all of her children to get a good education and happy life. By all reports, she worked hard in a law-related field and Cortex described her as quite shy and reserved, but extremely kind and good-natured. By all reports, her son had never got the vibe that she was interested in dating at all.
He was an interesting character, his main concern surrounded how much he cared for his mum and wanted her to be happy. He appreciated how much she had given in her life for her kids to be happy, he was adamant this was at least one of the reasons she hadn't dated. He seemed really turned on at the idea of her being happy and him being the one to help that happen. As they spoke, the fact he had grown up without a dad appeared to affect him in an interesting way too. He was adamant he wasn’t gay yet he had thoughts and temptations for older and more dominant men. He liked the idea of a dad nailing his mum and then having a relationship with him as well, he soon began calling Ace ‘daddy’ and loved it when Ace referred back to him as ‘son’. Ace had never met a guy with daddy issues before, and he felt complex about this. He liked Cortez’s vibe, but he wasn’t in any way curious about men in a sexual way. Yet he was potentially going to be offered up the details of this guy’s mum.
Maria was attractive. She didn’t look completely Latina, but you could tell that it was there, which Ace loved. She had a nice smile and she didn’t give off the vibe of a very confident woman who displayed her curves often. Cortez got so excited whenever Ace gave good descriptions of the photos he was being sent of her. They were discussing some ideas of how to talk with her properly and not be shrugged off as a stranger. Ace had some ideas – but Cortez wanted a dick pic from Ace. Sending a dick pic to a dude wasn’t something that Ace liked, but there was going to have to be some give and take if this was going to happen.

The rundown of potential cuckson 2) Username: Bigdog Jay (BDJ)
Another youngish guy, 21 or so. Born, lived and studying in South Africa, he wasn’t too specific about the city he lived in. What was different was that he wasn’t living with his mum, she was living in Canada for work for a time. He (like Cortez) had grown up with a single mother, by all reports, a great one at that. He (again like Cortez) wanted his mum to be happy. He wanted a good guy that was going to fulfil her needs. Although BDJ admitted the idea of his mum having sex and being naughty and sexual was a turn-on for him, he had no interest to see it. In fact, he gave Ace the number and just asked for an update every so often, ongoing screenshots were not needed. BDJ was definitely more reserved than Cortez was. So far, unlike many other cucks Ace had spoken too, he seemed legit.
His mum was fucking hot. A mixed-race woman with a true mum body. She wasn’t what you would call small, but she took care of herself, that was obvious. She had long nails and big sexy lips Ace couldn’t help but picture her sliding up and down his cock.

By this point in the community, Ace had received some pics of a lot of mums and sisters. There were some good ones among the bunch, this was probably the first one he had a genuine tinge of attraction to, and he had her number. Well…he shouldn’t celebrate too early yet, the other numbers he had received so far had all been fake.

The first step was some preliminary conversation. Ace wasn’t going to be a pushy bull, which by all reports made him a rarity. For now, getting over the hump of being a random person messaging the mums was the first and major hurdle before any rapport could be built. Trying to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible was the focus.

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