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My stress from the traumatic phone call was instantly lifted as my beautiful wife walked through the door. Although we were in a sexless marriage (technically, I was still a virgin, although my ass wasn't - Claire had taken that virginity long ago), that did little to deter my attraction to her. I considered myself incredibly lucky
to be married to such an amazing, sexy, Latina bombshell.
The clinking sound of her high-heels echoed across the living room floor. I thought it was silly for her to dress up in high-heels just to go to the gym, but she insisted on looking good whenever she went out, even if the only person she was going to see was her personal trainer.
Her curvy, birth-giving Latina hips swung side to side as she walked while her hands pulled her hair into a ponytail. "I'm going to need a good massage tonight! Richardo really gave me a good, hard workout," she said with delight.
She plopped herself down on the couch and kicked her high-heeled feet up on the coffee table, crossing them at the ankles. I stepped out of the kitchen with her plate of dinner. She always worked up quite an appetite at the gym, so I had come into the habit of having her dinner ready as soon as she got home.
As she saw me coming with the plate, she kicked off her high heels and crossed her legs, wiggling her toes at me. It was her unspoken signal for me to begin massaging her feet, and I dropped to my knees and did as she asked.
"Mmm, great," she said as she picked at her food with her fork and had her feet rubbed. She had painted her finger and toenails cherry-red before going to meet with her personal trainer at the gym. She must have showered at the gym after their workout because she looked immaculate.
"After dinner, I'm going to need a long massage in thighs. Richardo said he felt a knot in my left thigh which you'll have to knead out."
I paused rubbing her foot, as her words caught me quite off-guard.
"R... Richardo was touching your thighs?" I asked jealously. Though she was wearing tight-fitted jeans right now, I knew that she always wore tight spandex workout shorts (also known as booty shorts) when she went to the gym. The thought of her extremely physically fit gym trainer touching her legs and thighs while she wore something like that made me stop.
"Of course," she answered matter-of-factly without looking away from her plate. "He's my personal trainer, he touches me all over."
"But..." I answered stupidly. This time she did look away from her plate. "No backtalking," she said sternly as she looked down at me. She held her toes up to my lips and wiggled them, signaling that I should begin sucking on her feet. Vanessa loved having her toes and feet sucked on. I opened my mouth and she pushed her toes into my lips and I began sucking.
"Good boy. Now, there's nothing to be jealous about. Richardo has to touch me lots during our work-outs to help me stretch, or make sure my form is correct. Often times he holds my hips while I squat, or helps position my thighs when I'm doing leg kicks. It's completely normal. You'd that if you ever went to the gym," she said dismissively as she ate.
She was right, and I felt a little embarrassed. I should go to the gym, but I hated it. I always felt so humiliated trying to work out in front of all those extremely fit men and women.
"You're lucky Richardo agreed to be my personal trainer. You know he was Jennifer Lopez's personal trainer for three years? Imagine if I still look as good as her when I'm 50!"
I refrained from rolling my eyes with doubt. There was no way I believed that to be true.
"Really, you should be thanking him. Don't you agree?" She pulled her foot out of my mouth and waited for my answer.
"Y-yes," I agreed quietly.
"Good. He's a thorough professional. That's why I left him a $50-dollar tip today." I gasped. I remembered she asked me for $50 dollars that morning, but I didn't know what it was for. She held up the bottom of her foot, and I knew better than to complain. I began planting kisses along the sole of her foot.
"Who cares if he charges you more than other customers, he's worth every penny. So, no more getting jealous or complaining about Richardo, understand? Now, tell me about how the promotion interview went today."
I helped maintain a computer database for a finance server farm. It was a lot of technical tasks, such as making sure the servers received software updates, reviewing server transactions, monitoring temperatures and usage, and sometimes physically cleaning the air filters. There was a promotion opportunity as my old boss retired, and I should have been next in line for his position.
My lips pulled off of the bottom of Vanessa's foot and began rubbing it with my thumb. "Not great," I answered sadly.
"The interview didn't go so great. And, it turns out that Pat had been..." Patrick was one of my coworkers. He had only been working there a short time, but he was already way ahead of most other employees. He seemed very nice at first and I thought we'd be good friends - I showed him all around the office and taught him all the tricks I knew - but as time went on, it turned out he was not my friend at all. He often made jokes at my expense and belittled me in front of our managers.
I continued my story, "Pat had been taking the files I'd completed out of the bin. He was removing my name from the completed files, putting his own name on them, and then resubmitting them. So, all the extra work I'd been doing for the last few months has been filed under his name!"
Vanessa let out a laugh. "Oh, that Patrick! He's such a rascal, haha! So, what happened next?"
I continued rubbing her feet as I spoke. "Well, I tried to tell HR, but they said the numbers had already been submitted so there was nothing really they could do about it. I tried to tell one of the managers but he scoffed and said I shouldn't play games and try to rat out other employees to get ahead."
"He's right," Vanessa agreed. "It's not looked very highly upon if you tattle-tale on others."
"Yeah, that's true... So, during the interview, I didn't really have much to say because all of the work I planned to talk about was filed under Patrick's name, and I didn't have anything else planned to talk about..."
"Wow, it sounds like Patrick really got you good," Vanessa said with a little smirk. "And how did his interview go?"
"Ugh. That's the worst part! I saw them all stand up to shake his hand when he walked in and heard them praising him for all the work that I completed!"
"Oh yes, they probably thought he did all that extra work in such a short amount of time after starting there. I bet that really impressed them."
"Yeah... They looked very pleased with him. Ugh, the thought of him being my new boss really aggravates me!"
"Aww, well, I guess you'll just have to work even harder now to make up for it, huh?"
"Yeah... It's not fair," I moaned.
"Aww, I know it doesn't seem fair, but that's just how the corporate world goes sometimes. You'll just have to keep your head down and keep working harder to try and catch back up. But for now, how about you start on that massage? My glutes are so sore after Richardo gave me such a hard, deep workout this afternoon!"

Chapter 1: The Three Buccaneers
My mom, or "Becky the Bimbo," or just simply "BB," had grown into an insatiable MILF over the years. The front entrance to her house was a revolving door of teenaged, high-school boys going in and out to have their go with the busty, experienced cougar. She had grown from the young, naive MILF into a mature, alluring temptress, with a body like a pornstar the likes of Nikki Benz or Jewels Jade all bubbly round tits and ass with an extra thin waist and long pornstar legs to match.

She didn't like to think of herself as a slut, but Brad had left a lust deep in her loins that she could not resist. The rumors about her insatiably hungry female body spread through the school like wildfire, and the young coming-of-age 18-year-old boys rarely passed the opportunity to experience fucking the legendary MILF slut.

It didn't take much for them to get between my mom's legs. She'd always offer them inside for a drink of lemonade or an afternoon dip in the pool when they knocked on her front door. My mom thought it'd be a shame to let the pool go unused since I moved out, so she welcomed all the high school boys to come over and use it whenever they wanted and boy, did they ever...

The rumors were plentiful and well known. The only requirements to fuck Becky the Buttslut was to have a hung cock and a take-what-you-want attitude. After that, all it took were three hard slaps on the cougar's bubbly ass.

Three hard slaps.

In this case, the first slap on my mom's round buttcheeks came right as she was trying to explain to the boys that they could only stay for about 15 minutes since she had to meet her book club that afternoon. The first slap never failed to elicit a yelp, followed by a disapproving response. "Now, boys, it's not polite to slap a woman's butt like that," she'd say softly but firmly. Perhaps it was to convince herself that she didn't enjoy it, or perhaps it was to try and weed out the boys that wouldn't deliver. If the boy apologized or turned away, they'd be going home empty-handed and blue-balled. But that wasn't the case today. On this particular day, Lenny was showing some pair of young high school freshmen boys how it was done. Lenny had already fucked BB the whore once before, and he couldn't way to feel her tight pornstar body buckling around his cock once again.

Completely ignoring my mom's protest without even so much as an acknowledgment, Lenny slapped the jiggly ass once again, eliciting another yelp, with tones that sounded a bit more like a moan. The two onlooking boys giggled at Lenny's actions and the MILF's pathetic attempt to resist.

She tried her best to compose herself. "Now, Lenny, I am not just some piece of meat that you can-" the third slap came mid-sentence, landing hard on her asscheek and shutting her up fast. The two boys giggled louder, and Lenny looked at them with a proud, cheeky grin.

Perhaps it was from the rough sexual degradation that Brad had unleashed on her during her prime years, or perhaps it was from all the times' Brad had spanked her himself regardless of the reason, the MILF had developed an intense fetish for being spanked, and she could not fight the urge another second. The third spanking caused the fake-titted MILF to close her eyes and exude a soft, seductive moan from her parted lips.

She bent slightly forward and slid her black stretch-pants down around her tight, impossibly-rounded bubble buttcheeks. The silicone implants gave her ass an exquisitely sexually appealing shape that had only improved with age. Her stretch pants slid around the perfectly molded ass and rested at the top of her thighs, revealing her always sexualized, lacey, lingerie style of underwear. In this case, it was a frilly, maroon-colored mesh thong.

"See, boys? Three slaps," Lenny said cheekily as the mature woman gave herself to her carnal desires. The ache for hard cock's that Brad had left was imprinted to her bones, and now the lucky high-school boys got to benefit. Becky instinctively bent forward, putting her hands on whatever was nearby a counter, a coffee table, or in this case the arm of the living room sofa. "Has mommy been a bad girl?" She asked with her eyes closed, willing the young studs to devour their fill of her slutty, over-sexualized body and devour, they would.

Her bare asscheeks stuck out behind her as an open invitation for the boy to play with however they wanted. Sometimes a boy would give it a few more hard spankings, gleefully watching the fake implant jiggle around with each slap. The small black letters "BB" were tattooed on the bottom of her left ass cheek, giving the boys a target to aim for when they spanked her, as well as something to watch jiggle around after each slap. Other times, they would simply grab stern handfuls of her fat asscheeks, squeezing and kneading the fat in their hands and watching her thong disappear deeper between her large, inviting ass cheeks. They would slide her cheeks together, then apart, causing her underwear to completely vanish into her fakely-rounded butt with each motion.

In this case, Lenny grabbed the maroon thong at both ends and began rolling it like dental floss into my mom's asscrack, watching it slide deeper into her butt until her bright pink pussylips could be seen engulfing around the thin fabric. BB's moans loudened as the boy stimulated her vagina with the underwear. The thought of taking a hung, eager young cock into her body made her wet with lust.

My mother had asked me to call. She wanted to talk to me about the big news at my job and had asked me to call at 3:00 PM when she had an hour to talk before she had to meet her book club. She had hoped the book club would help rebuild her reputation in the neighborhood. She wanted to be seen as a refined, classy, and strong woman, not the airheaded blond bimbo that she was on TV.

I didn't recognize the male, young-sounding voice that answered the phone. "Uhh, hello?" The voice caught me off-guard.

"Umm. I'm calling to speak to my mom. May I please speak to Becky?" I answered, trying to be polite while my mind was scratching itself to remember who might be answering my mother's phone.

"Becky... Oh, you mean BB the whore? Your mom?" I heard stifled laughter. "You must be Milksop!"

Only slightly less popular than the rumors of my mom were the rumors of her son, Milksop. The boys and girls (especially the girls, actually) loved passing the story down through the years about how the legendary Brad had bullied, emasculated, and effeminized Becky's wimpy son, and made him go by the name Milksop.

They loved sharing tales of how the incredible football hotshot had made me call him master, and had gone so far as to bed my fiancee before the wedding night, and how I was raising their illegitimate child. A large percentage of the rumors were painfully true. They shared details both made up and true of how my girlfriend (now wife) would service Brad after games, giving him daily blowjobs, and making me do his homework.

The boy laughed as I responded to the name 'Milksop,' reaffirming what he already believed to be true. "Yes, please tell Becky err, BB that Milksop wants to speak to her?" The boy laughed a bit more before saying, "Sure, just hold on a sec, haha!" He then turned the phone onto speaker mode, muted my voice, and placed the phone on the coffee table in the middle of the room.

Soon, I could hear everything going on as if I were standing right there in the room myself, yet not a sound could be made from my end no matter how loud I spoke. "Mom? Can you hear me?"

The rude boy stifled his laughter and returned to the fun on the couch. Lenny and the other boy had laid a dozen more spankings on my mom's bountiful round asscheeks. They enjoyed watching the mature MILF beg and moan like an insatiable slut as they punished her behind. "Yes, you've been a bad mommy! You need to be punished, dumb slut!" They'd say as they spanked her fat juicy ass, making her moan and repeat the words.

"Ohhh I've been a bad mommy slut, please punish me! UGN!" She moaned loudly as the boys spanked her, giggling and laughing. I was yelling and pleading helplessly into the phone. "Pick up the phone, mom! I can hear you!"

Lenny had positioned himself behind the bent-over MILF, and his underwear was pulled down to his ankles. His large cock stood firmly pointed at the pleasure slut's behind, and his balls hung freely in the air as he gripped the slut's wide hips. The other boy had pulled my mom's shirt down to her navel stretching and taring the neck of the shirt to get to her large melon breasts.

Now her tits hung free off her chest, each breast full and heavy with the large silicone implant. The boy was pinching the nipple and lifting the breast, then letting it go and watching it fall and sway. The third boy the one who answered the phone had stepped up onto the couch and was standing with his crotch inches in front of my mom's face.

BB bit her fat, pink lip as her eyes fixated on the boy's crotch, watching as his fingers unzipped his fly and his fat, thick cock slung out from his trousers. His manhood swung left and right, swaying back and forward in front of the sex-hungry cougar's bright blue eyes. My mom's tongue ran over her fat pink lips with lustful hunger, salivating as she watched the boy's fat cock.

The boys all knew that blowjobs were a skill that women gained by practice, and the rumors of BB's hot cock-sucking lips and her long, flexible tongue were a thing of legend. It was said that after all of her years of practice, she could relax her gag reflex, slither her tongue around a cock like a snake and then take the entire length of dick down her throat. It was rumored that putting your cock into BB's mouth was like being pleasured by aphrodite herself. It was amplified by the fact that Becky got yearly lip injections, keeping her hot pink
puffy, full, and soft as pillows. She said the lip injections were for her interview jobs on TV, but the school rumors said otherwise. Her large pink lips looked like a sidewise vagina,
for pleasuring men's dicks.

The boy's cock twitched at the sight of the perfect mature woman's tongue running over her lips, lapping like a hungry dog. A hungry bitch.

She felt the tip of Lenny's penis pressing against her soaked vagina, the fat cockhead sliding up and down between the woman's wide pussy lips. "Who's hungry for some dick?" The boy on the sofa asked as he swung his cock tantalizingly in front of my mom's face. Her eyes followed it like hypnosis.

"Mom! Pick up the phone, it's Milksop!" I shouted, nearly in tears. I knew she couldn't hear me.

"Mmm, I am, I am! Mommy BB is verrry hungry for that delicious dick," I heard her voice say clear as day. "Please give it to me!"

I knew that I should hang up the phone. I knew that it was hopeless to reach her, and it stung hearing every sound. But, I couldn't help myself. Something inside me had to listen, had to hear what was really going to happen. I don't know if the young boy who answered the phone knew I wouldn't be able to resist listening or just didn't care. Either way, I stayed on the phone, breathlessly listening to another group of horny boys defiling my loving mom.

The next sound I heard was the loud wapping of Lenny's dick slamming into my mom's mature, widened vagina. Her load moans filled the air only briefly after a moment, they were silenced by the third boy's cock sliding into her pink, round mouth.

"schlurp, schlurp, schlurp!" The wet suckling noises filled the room as the boy let out a satisfied moan. "Fuck yeah, her mouth feels even better than the rumors!" The boy exclaimed as he stepped closer, shoving his cock into BB's whore mouth and letting her lips and tongue devour it. He didn't even need to thrust back and forward my mom's tongue slid over and around the shaft and tip of his cock while her cheeks sucked and pulled, creating an air-tight vacuum of pleasure around the boy's thick manhood.

Lenny was on the other end, enjoying himself to the fullest. He was looking down while he fucked the delectable matured whore, enjoying the view of my mom's plump, gigantic tanned buttcheeks. The full asscheeks had a faint pinkish-red mark in the middle where the boys and spanked it, and the boy enjoyed watching them jiggle and bounce back and forward as he thrust his cock into the woman's mature, stretched, sex hole.

He couldn't resist giving those juicy bouncing asscheeks another loud, room-filling slap spankings. You could hear the guttural moans escaping my mom's throat after the spanking, as the dick continued thrusting into her vagina.

"Fuck, she sucked my cock even harder when you spanked her! Do it again!" The third boy said gleefully.

Lenny smiled and wound his hand back far, then delivered another room-filling, cracking-loud slap onto my mom's red asscheek.

"Mmmmm!" My mom moaned with painful pleasure, and she slid her body forward away from the spanking her mouth pressing harder into the boy's crotch in front of her. Of course, moving her body forward did nothing to escape the spankings her back simply arched more, turning her ass higher towards Lenny and giving him better access to her tender behind. His cock continued driving into her mature pussy, scraping against her vagina walls and stretching her open.

"Her mouth is like a fucking succubus," the third boy said as he began rocking his hips back and forward, sliding his cock in and out of my mom's throat, right against her gag reflex. Becky did everything in her power to continue sucking and pleasuring the young boy as Lenny spanked her over and over.

The second boy was feeling a bit left out he'd been planning with the mature woman's tits for a few minutes now, sucking on them and squeezing them, opening up his mouth wide and taking as much of the oversized melon into his mouth as he could. But now his cock wanted some action.

"C'mon, I want a turn now," he said with impatience.

"Okay, her vagina is feeling pretty loose now anyway. I know how to tighten it," Lenny answered confidently.

The third boy withdrew his cock from my mom's lips with a loud 'Pop!' and my mom's tongue rolled out of her lips, hanging down from her mouth like a drooling bitch.

The boys positioned her around with no grace or respect slapping her ass to get her to move quicker in the way they wanted. One boy laid on his back on the couch, pantless with his cock sticking up in the air. They had BB position herself on top of him, straddling him and lowering her pussy onto his dick to ride him cowgirl style.

Lenny positioned himself behind her, claiming her asshole for himself. "I heard this will make her holes feel much tighter," he said as he positioned his cock at the opening of her ass and prepared to bury it between her large juicy buttcheeks.

The third boy stood on the couch in front of Becky, quite content to continue bathing his cock in my mom's oral paradise mouth. Her puffy pink lips sealed tight around the stiff cock, continuing the half tongue massage, half deepthroat blowjob on the boy's manhood.

I cursed Brad under my breath as I listened to the young teenage boys ravage my mom's body. I knew that this was all his fault. He's the one that turned my mom from a sweet and caring, tender woman into the free-use cockslut for high school students to use whenever they liked. It was his fault that every boy on the football team banged her before graduation.

I listened as my mom let out a pleasure-infused moan from the two cocks entering into her backside. One sliding into her pussy, the other sliding into her bleached asshole. No matter how many times it happened, BB never got used to the feeling of two huge dicks pummeling her holes at the same time. Her womb and her bowels felt stuffed full of teenage man-meat, and she howled as her body orgasmed from the intense double-fucking.

Her moans were quieted once again as the boy grabbed the back of her hair and shoved his balls into her puffy lips, which she quickly began gobbling into her mouth and sucking.

"Fuck yeah, that feels good!" The boy said as he stroked his own dick atop my mom's face, his balls being diligently sucked on by the experienced mouth. His balls were seconds away from erupting a creamy nutjob all over my mom's loving face and bright blue eyes.

"Slurp! Suck! Slobber!" The wet, slobbering sounds continued echoing through the phone, accented by the rhythmic slapping sound of the other two boys' dicks sliding in and out of my mom's sloppy vagina and stretched ass. "Mmm, mmm, mmm!" She hummed with her throat as she sucked the hard cock with vigor.

It wasn't long until I heard the unmistakable sound of three young teens emptying their balls into my mother. They all shoved their dicks in with one last driving thrust, their cocks throbbing deep in my mom's womb, bowels and throat as their creamy spunk spewed and squirted in her body. She continued sucking and swallowing, her cheeks and throat closing around the boy's dick and coercing all his semen into her stomach as the other two boys grabbed her hips firm and held their dicks deep inside her. Squirt after thick creamy squirt of cum drained out of their young teenage balls and into the slutty whorish MILF.

"Well, that'll do it for me," I heard Lenny say with a laugh as he withdrew his cock out of my mom's widely gaped open ass.

"Yeah, thanks for the great fuck," said the other boy as my mom slid off his body and slouched onto the couch on her side.

I heard the sounds of pant belts buckling and flies being zipped up as the three boys collected their things. "Yeah, maybe we'll stop by again next week," Lenny said just before hanging up the phone call. I stood there with the phone pressed to my ear even as the dial tone kicked in. I couldn't bring myself to move. The three young buccaneers walked out of the house, leaving my mom panting on the couch with one leg draped over the side of cushions and cumshots oozing out of her pussy and ass. A little dribble of cum leaked out of her lips and down her chin from where the last boy had wiped his dick on her face.

Right after the boys walked out of the driveway, Trudy and her three lady friends walked up to it. They wore their neat gowns and had their weekly books stored nicely in their carrying cases. "Becky? We're here for the book club!"

The boys had left the door half ajar, and as Trudy knocked on it and gave it a slight push it swung open the rest of the way. "Oh, my God..." Trudy and her three friends all peeked through the door over one another's shoulders to see the sinful sight. The hot MILF was still laying on the couch, basking in the afterglow of several orgasms. Her legs were spread and she was naked, wearing nothing but her high heels. She didn't even notice the ladies standing there as she slowly clenched her left breast, squeezing it as she relived the hot pounding in her head, still high from the afterglow of sex.

She opened her eyes just as she heard the gasps and oohs of her new friends. "We... We actually have to go," Trudy said as she began to close the door.

"No, wait," my mom tried to cover herself. "I'll just shower real quick, and..."

"Umm, that's okay, we have to get going, we'll, uh, call you later!" Trudy said as the ladies closed the door and hurried down the driveway, gossipping with shock and laughter.

"Damn it," BB muttered as she fell back into the couch cushions.

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