Author Topic: Cucks from India, here's your chance to live this fantasy  (Read 2306 times)


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If there are any cucks here from India then you can message me without any hesitation to turn this fantasy into reality.

Don't worry about the strict Indian culture, I am also Indian, I know the culture well. I can assure you that every woman is BREAKABLE including your mother who is very faithfully married to your father for 20 years and is very religious, very conservative.

I have also read a lot of female psychology so I am the perfect guy for the job.

I am also interested in sisters or girlfriends for that matter, I am all down for fun.

And don't worry, I will humiliate you so much IN REAL LIFE(not on chat) that you will regret ever contacting me but your cute little sister and religious mom will be very grateful to you for messaging me.

Don't message me for sexting, I am here for the real deal. I don't want to sex chat about how I would fuck your mom.

You message me:

1) your age
2) which state of India you live in
3) What you are offering? Mother, sister or girlfriend or even your female friends(all 4 of them are easy to lay when you have the skill).

After this, we will plan out everything of how I would meet them/message them or how you would invite me your home often as "your friend", from there, I will handle the rest. Just follow the plan.

My Kik is sadisticbull7