Author Topic: Hottest thing I did  (Read 2728 times)


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on: February 15, 2020, 09:18:33 PM
This Is a real story that happened to me. Iím working in a super market and thereís this super hot Asian milf in line at the checkout. Big ass, big tits, cute face and big lips, she had everything. She was with her son the little boy must have been 9 year old or close. I was checking out the body on that milf when her eyes crossed hers I think she knew I was looking at her body cause she smiled. And we started talking. We was flirting infront of her son lol then I made a compliment  on her fine ass and she told me she thought I was cute then one thing led to another she told me she needed to use the bathroom she told her son to wait in the car then gave him the keys. I showed her the bathroom then next thing u know she grabbed my pants and thugged them down burying her face into my smelly boxer on my boner. She blowed me in the restroom for like 5 min then she took her panties off and grabbed my ass so I fuck her. So I was fucking her hard and fast then I turned her around to go doggy when we heard the door open it was her son he was searching for his mom so i tried my best to stay quiet and fucked her we was laughing and she begged me to give her a better son and get her pregnant I came inside her pussy and a little in her face. She left bathroom first with cum on her face. Her son was standing outside haha