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Reply #30 on: May 17, 2021, 10:07:26 PM
The heads of you people on this forum who belive that this platform is any more than a glorified fantasy, are filled with water

When I was in my teens, I personally knew two women that did it and knew a third woman by sight and name but never spoke to her.

This was decades ago and the notion that it would be less common now is laughable. Single mothers are pieces of shit and they are not above this type of behavior.

edit: It may be because I grew up in the slums of a pretty trashy city where this type of people tend to cluster together that this doesn't seem strange or unlikely to me. I'm sure that yeah, in a nice upscale area this kind of thing would be unthinkable. That's probably where the guy I'm responding to is from or is familiar with.
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