Author Topic: Cucks who want a big tall bully to satisfy their ultimate fantasy  (Read 741 times)

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This is not a joke or a prank, I have done this before and I can provide you proof if you want it.
I am a tall and strong bully, I like to flirt with women, especially older women, I have talked with a number of older women and I know how this is done, how to seduce them. Like I said at the start, I can prove this.
I am bold and I can be a charming person.

If you live in Belgium, Holland, France, Western Germany or UK, if you are willing to go the extra mile to satisfy your fantasy, if you want to see a big, tall, strong bull, flirt(and more) with your GF, your mom or your sister, PM me and we can discuss the details.

Kik: Pietro_Badoglio

Dont PM me if you don't live in Holland, Belgium, France, UK or western Germany.
Dont PM me if you are unsure or you aren't serious about this, this is the real deal.
Dont PM me if you don't want me to talk to or meet your GF, sister, mom ect (don't worry, I'll know how to take care of her)
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