Author Topic: Real Post About a Guys Mom From Reddit  (Read 3829 times)


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on: November 22, 2019, 04:36:22 PM
Hey everyone. I just found the new website, I use to use the old website last year but I thought the community was gone forever so its good to be back. Never posted before on the old website but I found this post on Reddit and I think you guys might be interested in seeing it as it seems real after talking to the guy for a few days through his PMs, everything he says lines up with his posts and seems to be the real deal. He has posted two times so far so if you want to take a read of them both.

1st Post

Update Post

Basic summary is a guy he went to school with is fucking his mom now for the past month, the guy use to bully one of his friends back in school so they didnt get on. Its now progressed to the point that hes fucking his mom all the time now, her son (the guy who posted) seems to be pretty chill about the whole thing and is letting his mom do this. What do you guys think of the whole thing, sounds real to me???
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