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Title: Rich kid renting my mom for a day
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Disclaimer :—This story has taboo, netorase and swinging content in it, consider to ignore it if you don't like it.
— it's my first time writing long story online, I'm using proofreader tools and translator. I apologize.
— I know it will sound like fantasy, but it's real. I will try to write it as realistic as possible.
— yes, all three of us know it's a taboo thing to have a sexual relationship with my mom.

Well, this is an awkward story but here we go, ready your popcorn

My name is a hiro, it's not my real name. I'm from Tokyo, I'm a fresh graduate from high school, just taking my time with gap year supporting my mom job. I already have a girlfriend, well, long story short she's been living with us since our graduation. My mom is young, I think she is 37 or 38 I can't remember because her birthday is long time ago. My mom works for me, well, technically I'm just my dad replacement ever since he's passed away on my 2nd year of high school. She works as a sexy cosplay model on multiplatform, and I'm working as her photographer and editor. I admit she is what you call natural beauty or eternal young, maybe it has something to do with genetic things even my grandmother still looks in her 40s despite her upcoming 65-year birthday. My mom despite her age almost 40s she still looks like a college girl, I'm not lying. If you're meeting her directly, you're probably gonna mistaken her for my older sister. Well, my mom is pretty open, sometimes when we're taking photos and I got hard, she helps me jerk off until I came and continue taking photos. My girlfriend doesn't mind it actually, it's like she didn't care even if it's my mom, well, she herself is a bisexual. Sometimes when she helped put out the makeup on my mom after photo session, she's started groping my mom breasts while licking my mom's ear.

Story start in about two or three weeks ago. We intended to take beach scene photos, so I researched any beach that has beautiful scenery and found one in the western part of Japan. I ask my mom if she's agreed with it, and she said it's fine. I ask my girlfriend if she wants to come, but she refused. She said she is not in the mood. So, I drive the car and arrive in the destination at night, both of us sleep in hotel. The next day, it's raining in the morning, so we wait until afternoon, luckily it's sunny and cloudy. So, we drive to the beach and do our job, the beach itself isn't that empty. It has beach bar and parasols chair. After we're done with our thing, we're hanging out at the bar. Well, since my mom doesn't like alcohol, and I was driving, we're ordered juice and snack.

Then, there's a kid maybe around 16 or 17 he looks like any normal kid his age just a bit taller followed by a beautiful lady in a white blouse. I can't remember exactly what he said back then, but the important point is, he started by asking whether my mom want to be rented for a day, then the lady adding something like this “young master would like to rent lady to be his partner on sexual act”. I who was drinking the juice spite out everything in my mouth in disbelief. “Young master will give both of you each 100 million yen just for a day, would you like to accept? We will wait for an hour in this place(she gave me a card with address on it), you can park your car there”. Then they leave, so I start discussing it with my mom, who's still surprised. I ask her what she thought, she replied that she still a bit uneasy, but she will follow any of my decision. 200 million yen for a day is like a hundred of our monthly pay, so it's hard decision. In the end we're agreed to the terms and drive to the designated location, there we only found a garage type building, so I call the beautiful lady then she open the garage. Then we were guided to the small port, there's already a big boat waiting (it's like a boat that you use for fishing in the open sea but smaller than yacht). There's another beautiful lady waiting and helping put our luggage.

At this point, there will be 4 character, so I will make it short name :
Kid : the rich kid
Lady : the lady who's followed the rich kid
Lady 2 : the lady who's waiting on the boat
Doc : beautiful female clinic doctor

So, we set sail, after about 15ish minutes we arrive at a private island, I checked our location on Google map, but it only shows me the location we're in is in the middle of ocean. The doctor welcomed us and giving both of us a health check on her clinic then giving my mom some kind of strong birth control PIL I've never seen before, then we headed over to the mansion. It's a big Japanese mansion at the top of a hill. Then, he let us have a shower, the doctor followed us to the mansion by the way. After we take a shower we have dinner, after a dinner the kid say we should get started. He told the lady 2 to accompany me in the next room beside his room, in that room there's 6 computer monitors, he said that if i wanna watch just turn on these monitor, it will automatically show live video from 6 different angles. Then the doc and lady guide my mom to the dressing room, giving her a make-up. The kid is waiting while naked on bed, the lady who's accompany me show me around to another room, there's a wall with 10 different women photos with same outfit (2b from nier automata) before and after the kid having sex with them. Then I was surprised when I discovered a familiar face, it's a face I know because I watch her stream, yes it's two “famous virtual streamer” the one with big breast hugging the kid while getting her breast sucked and the one with smaller breast is at the bottom giving a kiss to his testicles. To my surprise, his stick is bigger than average for his age. It's like two bottle of beer stacked. I ask the lady, “isn't his thing too big for his age, how big is it actually?” Then she answers “the last time we measured, it's 21 cm long and 5.5 cm diameter” I replied “did he went a surg-” just before I finished the doctor said we're about to start, so we returned to our room.

The lady who's accompany me telling me to get naked, I followed her command, and then she turns on the monitor. There's my mom in the bed wearing 2b outfit with blindfold. The lady who's accompany me start giving me hand job from behind while I was watching. The doctor putting some liquid thing on the kid stick and start giving hand job for a minute, the lady start licking my mom pinkish red pussy while massaging her breast then after the doctor finished she's giving my mom a kiss, then the kid with his massive and fat cock still with the foreskin intact putting his testicles on my mom mouth, my mom start licking and sucking then he gives my mom a deep throat until he comes once then the doctor cleaned his cock then started kissing my mom again. Then the kid whispering, “are you ready?”. My mom doesn't answer, he then started putting his cock tip on the entrance and push it as much as he can. I, who was watching get even harder than never. The kid stopped moving, he is enjoying the moment while my mom moaning. Then he slowly starts moving in and out, the doctor and the lady also doing each other with a double-headed dildo. He started going a bit faster and hugging missionary then he'd gone faster and faster until he come, he pushed his cock as deep as he can, they're still hugging for a few minutes until he pulled out his cock, I can see his semen start flowing out of my mom pussy then he drank something and getting hard a few minutes later. He started again, pumping in and out his cock inside my beautiful mom until he come for the second time, this time the semen is a lot than before. Then they take a rest for 2 hours while the lady sucking his cock, the doctor sucking my mom's pussy.

After that, they started again, he came multiple times but still manages to get hard thanks to the strange medicine. The lady who's accompany me offering a sexual intercourse, I accepted. Her pussy is warm and slimy and also super tight, her body just feels like made in heaven, I dumped all my semen inside her womb. I'm doing it while watching my mom getting creampied multiple time until morning came. All of us are naked in an open onsen, he's still pumping his cock on my mom while hugging her. I was too still pumping my cock inside the lady. Then he said, "wanna try your mom” I answer “can I?” Then he pulls out his cock and positioning my mom on the edge “well, I guess it's time to return home” my mom just giving me a smile and moan as I pumped in and out as hard as I can, her inside is even tighter than the lady pussy until I can't hold it anymore, I ejaculate as hard as I can, my first time ejaculating inside my mom womb. Then we have a breakfast while still naked, my mom is giving him a breakfast from mouth-to-mouth while the doctor and the lady giving a blowjob and sucking his testicles. The lady doing the same thing as my mom did but while we're having sex. Then we're return to our room and continuing what we're doing last night until evening, then the rent end. I've gone to their room to remind them the rent is over, there's my mom sleeping while naked and semen flowing out her pussy. I wake her up and she take a shower. Then the lady give us some suitcase, each one is 50 million yen, I checked the legality of the money and confirm it. Then the lady return us to the garage our car parked, and we say our goodbye's. We returned to the hotel, then we continued having sex, she doesn't mind if it were me. Both of us know it's a taboo, but as long as we didn't do it in public and no pregnancy involved we think it's fine. Apparently the doctor gives my mom a bag full of birth control pil, as long as she took one pil per day she won't get pregnant and after finishing the full bag of pil she won't get pregnant any more even if she gets creampied without drinking any birth control pil. The next day we're going to a jewelry store to buy my girlfriend a necklace and buy some local snack. After I've arrived at home, my girlfriend hug me tightly saying that she miss me, then we share our story to my girlfriend while having dinner. She got excited and asking to sleep together the three of us, then in the morning I feel something touching my cock, I opened my eyes and surprised both my mom and my girlfriend are naked giving me hand job and caressing my testicles, we're doing threesome that day, punishing them by giving deep creampie for waking me up. To my surprise, my semen volume somehow increased after taking the doctor medicine that day. Although our work hours have been reduced since we technically 100 times richer than before. We're happier than before.

The end
Title: Re: Rich kid renting my mom for a day
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Every image I'm using here have nothing to do with the story. I just using it for a reference because my mom looks exactly like the image, i apologize i can't share her real image.

I also writing a story from a confession of my friend who's hanging out this morning. Apparently he accidentally witnessing his mom having sexual relationship with his bully while pretending to be tutoring.
Title: Re: Rich kid renting my mom for a day
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From the worst nightmare turn into the best thing

Sorry, many things have been going on, I have just been able to write it now.
My grandma suddenly feel sick and passed away few weeks ago, so the three of us already moving out just about before new year.
Let's get to the point.

So, a few weeks ago I think about two or three weeks a friend of mine come while I'm doing my work. He said he just experienced his nightmare, you see his mom is just a normal housewife. My friend is a first year in junior high. I wouldn't say his bully is actually a bully, he's more like his neighborhood delinquent, apparently he was only live with his dad. He said that his bully is around the same age with me.
Let's call each of the person involved with a fake name instead.

Friend : his/him/he
Friend mom : Yuki
Bully : Oda

Check the reference picture below for what his mom looks like.

A month earlier oda and his dad visiting his house and asking his mom to give him some foreign language tutoring because he will be going overseas a lot in one or two years, both his parents accepted because she didn't have anything to do anyway.

His mom tutoring him two times a week, but then three weeks later he is staying at his house because his dad going overseas for a week. At first, he didn't notice anything suspicious then one day he notices a condom box in the trash bin he thought maybe it was his dad's thing then at night he was awake suddenly because he wants to take a poo. Oda was staying at guest room, when he's walking through the guest room he heard clapping sound. The first thing crossed his mind was oda watching some porn then he's going upstairs just to make sure and in his parent's room there's only his dad sleeping soundly. He was suddenly froze in place, he doesn't about taking poo anymore and quietly return to the front of the guest room, there was a small sliding window. He slid it slowly, so it doesn't make sound. Then he was frozen in place, can't believe what he just witnessed.

Both oda and yuki in Doggy style position naked while kissing each other, oda keep his speed consistently. His heart suddenly beat faster as he saw his mom moaning, then oda going faster and have a long moan, oda just came. Then oda pulled out and lay beside her, a minute later oda put a new condom, oda put his mom in missionary position and put his cock inside again, this time he goes slowly while kissing and massaging her boobs. He got erected while watching his mom affair, he's watching for the whole hours until his stomach can't hold it anymore, and he left for the toilet. Thirty minutes later when he's done and returning to his room he's passing the guest room again and still hearing clapping sound meaning they're still doing it.

In the morning, his mom just acting like nothing happen. A week later oda return to his house, in the evening his mom dressed nicely and going out, she said she's returning tomorrow morning. The next morning, his mom returning with upset expression. She didn't say a word, at night he suddenly awakens because his parents have a big fight, apparently she caught her husband going to love hotel with another woman she knew, her husband didn't fight back and just accepted his failure. Two days later, they're both agree to divorce. For about two or three weeks they're both fight in the court and his dad win his custody of my friend. While his parents both fight in the court, he visited me in the morning and telling me his story while holding his tears, I ask him if he had oda twitter or line, and he told me. After that, we parted ways, a day later he followed his dad moving out to his dad's girlfriend.

About three days after my grandma passed away I was returning to my house alone while my girlfriend is with my mom, I contacted oda via line
Me : excuse me, is this Mr. Oda?
Oda : yeah? Who is it??
Me : I'm the friend of your tutor's son, want to grab a drink, I have something to talk to you.
Oda : huh? Sure, tell me the place.
Me : *giving my house location and time*
Oda : alright I'll come

Few hours later he come, based on our first meet. He doesn't look like a hard delinquent, he's more like otaku but still look like delinquent. I told him about my friend story, and he listened to everything and feel bad about it and want to apologize. He asked me if I knew my friend new house to apologize directly, I told him I don't know. He agreed to keep in contact with me in case I meet my friend again.

Days later my mom got news about my friend mom get divorce, both my mom and my friend mom are friends since childhood, although my mom is four years older. Mom ask me if her friend can stay at our house, I said sure why not. Day later we have a discussion about whether or not we're moving out, and we agreed to move out to my grandma's house, we sold our house to a company, it was a bit complicated but fast and moving out immediately after Christmas, before new year.

My grandma's house is old type Japanese house but still looks good, it was a quiet big house, but it's in the middle of nowhere, the closest house was like a hundred meters away, behind is a hill forest. The three of us are moving out, my mom offer yuki to stay with us because there's still plenty of empty room, she agreed and moving out immediately. At night I contacted oda about my current situation, I told him that if he wants to do it with yuki he can come anytime or even moving out here if he wants. I get him in the evening by car.

In the car I ask him if he can do me a favor
Me : hey, can you do me a favor
Oda : what is it
Me : can you do my mom too?
Oda : heh? You serious? Show me her picture.
Me : *while I'm showing my mom picture* I like watching other guys doing my mom you know, last time it was a brat doing my mom. For you or your father, if you wanna tell him it's free. But if you or your father invite another guy tell them to pay 10 thousand yen per person.
Ora : alright, I'll try.

When we've arrived, we hold a party both to honor my grandma's death and to celebrate the moving out. Both my mom and yuki was a bit drunk, oda and yuki was going back to their room, I gave oda the leftover strong birth control PIL because my mom doesn't need it anymore. A few minutes later, I heard a loud moan. I ask my drunken mom if she wants to join him. She hesitated to reply, then agreed to join. I put my sleeping girlfriend to my room and return to yuki's room, they were already in heat.

While oda pumping his cock in and out mom's pussy, yuki was massaging mom's boobs from behind and kissing each other, he keeps his speed consistent then go a bit faster and push as deep as he can giving my mom whole load of semen while making loud moan. I can see some cum to dripping after he pulled out.

Me : came already? Here some secret recipe from me, you'll get erect and ready for another go in no more than 10 minutes.
Oda : what is this thing? Smells weird.
Me : just drink it. While you're resting, let me have mom.

I deepthroated my mom for a few minutes until I feel like I'm about to come and paused continued pounding her pussy, it slides easily because there was still leftover of oda's cum. After a while, I'm finally managed to give mom my load, after that, I'm returning to my room. Oda said he's ready again, yuki said it was her turn.

In the morning, when I waking them up for breakfast, they're sleeping naked and only using one blanket.

Me : hey, wake up, it's morning already. Let's have a breakfast
Oda : I can't move, too tired
Mom : me too
Yuki : give us 30 minutes
Me : alright but the food will be cold, I'll have a breakfast first
Oda : wait a second, can you take a photo of the three of us?
Me : sure

He sat in the middle while both mom and yuki hold his cock with one of their hands and peace hand sign.

Oda : I'm about to send it to my father, you don't mind it, right?
Me : yeah, just remember our deal.
Oda : alright

Oda's father fake name is Joe (it was his nickname at work)

Almost immediately after he sent him his photo, his father called

Joe : whoa, who is these two beauties?
Oda : don't you remember one of them, it's my tutor.
Joe : really? What about her husband?
Oda : they're divorced
Joe : I see, tell her my condolences. And the other ones?
Oda : my friend mother, he asked me to bang her. Both of us are freely allowed to bang her. You won't believe me if I tell you that her pussy is really clean like virgin pussy.
Joe : that's a mother? How old is your friend and how old is she
Oda : my friend is around the same age with me and his mom, just around 37 or 38 he said.
Joe : she looks young, well, tonight is a new year anyway, I'll go there in the evening. Mind if I bring two of my single subordinate?
Oda : sure, but they have to pay 10 thousand per person
Joe : heh, that's cheap. Tell your friend to get me at my house.
Oda : sure

Me : what do you think, mom? Can you serve three persons at once
Mom : I think I can? It's my first serving more than two guys
Me : alright, I remembered that there's an unused storage room underground. Oda will help me clean it for tonight and mom and yuki, can you buy some meat and drink for tonight party?
Mom & yuki : sure.

I wake up, my girlfriend told her to help me with cleaning. Oda tried to fix the broken AC while me and my girlfriend cleaning the room. After a few hours of trial and error, the AC is fixed, and the room is cleaned and my mom and yuki come back with meat and drink. I go get oda's father and his two subordinate.
When I was arrived, they're look surprised. They think I'm just some skinny man, while in reality just normal-looking guy with a bit of buff. Oda's father looks old despite only 45 years his hair already white, his two subordinate is young maybe around late 20s.

While we're on the way

Joe : so, you're the type of guy who get erected when you're watching the one you care about is getting banged by other guys
Me : yeah kind of, it was begun when some random rich brat suddenly renting my mom
Joe : hoo
Me : by the way, your son's lover also there. Perhaps he'll allow his lover to be banged too
Joe : nah, he's an overprotective brat. Ever since he witnessed his mom's dead corpse, he's been like that.
Me : sorry to hear that
Joe : no worries. Hey, can you show us your mom's naked picture
Me : sure?

The three of them take turn to see it

Joe : she really does looks young
Me : yeah, my whole family always looks young since a long time ago
Sub 1 : how old is she again
Me : 37/38 I think, I keep forgetting it
Sub 2 : her pussy looks clean and looks pure like virgin
Me : yeah, no matter how many dicks she takes, it always looks the same. By the way, the 10 thousand fees is only for the entire 24 hours. She can't get pregnant, by the way, so you're free to creampied her as much as you can.
Joe : whoa nice, hey let's make group chat the four of us.
Me : sure

After we arrive in the afternoon,, they already grilling the meat. The three of them introduce themselves to my mom, yuki and my girlfriend. After night come and full we're heading inside the basement, everybody got naked. Joe with his fully erect cock can't hold himself and proceed to hug and kisses her, oda actually going to his room with yuki so in the basement, there are four guys and two women. My girlfriend and I sat on a sofa, Joe still kissing her while her left hand shaking Joe's cock, sub 1 is on the right side massaging her boobs and her right hand shaking his cock, sub 2 is behind her and sucking her ass while caressing her wet pussy.

Joe : I can't hold it anymore, lay down on the table
Mom : alright
Sub 2 : ma'am can I use your mouth *mom doesn't answer and just opened her mouth*
Joe : let's change position *Joe below still pumping on her pussy while hugging, sub 2 continued deepthroating, sub 1 ask me if he can use her anal, I allow it since she always uses dildo on her anal so I asked him to do it slowly*
Joe : let's cum together *the three going faster and ejaculate so hard in all of her hole*
Sub 1 : that's the most ejaculated I've ever had in my life
Sub 2 : yeah, me too
Joe : so who want to try her pussy first? I want to take a rest for a few minutes
Sub 1 : let sub 2 have it first, he hasn't been tasting the bottom hole yet. I want to take a rest too
Sub 2 : thanks *sub 2 and mom moving out to the mattress on the floor*

Sub 2 : whoa, so slimy, tight and warm. Better than those onahole I've been used
Mom : is that so? Thanks *sub 2 and mom kisses*

Sub 2 continued slowly while embracing each other
Sub 2 : I think I'm about to cum again, I'll go faster. *The clapping sound was so loud combined with her moan feels so good and hot*
Sub 2 coming as hard as he can and as deep as he can
Sub 2 taking a rest after that then Joe and sub 1 do their turn, now Joe is in her anal while sub 1 is in her pussy. They're doing a standing position with mom in the middle, sub 1 and mom kissing while Joe hug from the back and massaging her boobs.
After a while
Joe : I'm about to come
Sub 1 : me too boss
Then they come together and mom body is twitching from orgasm.

I told my girlfriend to take my secret recipe from the fridge and give it to them, they have the same reaction as oda. After they drink it, they continued taking turn banging mom until early morning, I asked them to move out of her bedroom. The three of them help her who can't stand anymore to her bedroom and sleep together.

In the morning when I waking them up, they already continued taking turn on banging her. I love it, I'll be honest with you. I love it when my mom make that satisfied expression while getting banged by other guys. Even when they're in the bathtub, they keep continuing filling all her hole. After that, mom sleeping, tired after all night long doing it. I send the three of them back.

In the car

Sub 1 : hey, we can come in anytime we want, right?
Me : yeah, just notified me on the group
Sub 2 : nice
Joe : your mom is the best so far, other jav actresses have too much pride on them
Me : did you work on av industry?
Joe : yeah, haven't oda told you yet?
Me : nah
Joe : she sells like a hotcake is she was an actress
Me : nah, I don't want her to be known as an av actress
Joe : sure
Sub 2 : can we invite another guy?
Me : hmm only one, okay. Is there someone in your mind?
Sub 2 : yeah, sub 3 is a single and have the biggest cock of all three of us.
Me : sure, just tell him next time

After, I send the two subordinate to their closest apartment. It was just the two of us.

Joe : hey, can I come with you again now?
Me : not satisfied yet?
Joe : yeah, i want to have her for myself this time
Me : sure, I'll put a camera to watch from my room
Joe : alright

After we come back, Joe took a shower and lay down beside mom, who's sleeping. He tried to wake her up, he hug her from behind and start groping her boobs and caressing her pussy. Mom only wearing transparent night gown, so I can see her whole body.

Mom : hmm, not satisfied yet?
Joe : yeah, i want to have you for myself tonight
Mom : do as you like

Joe slowly get above her and undressing her, he started sucking her boobs then sucking her pussy. Then they change position to 69. Slowly he deepthroating her, then change position again. He's about to put it inside, slowly he pushed his lower body while kissing and groping her boobs with his right hand, they have passionate sex for thirty minutes until he come gently, he didn't pull out his cock and continuing his piston movement, keep pouring all his cum into my mom's womb. They continued for two hours then sleep while hugging each other, she's asleep above him while cum keep flowing out from her pussy. The next morning when I wake them up I was surprised when I see oda giving her anal and Joe pumping her pussy, I left them alone and eat with yuki and my girlfriend.

To be continued…

Maybe I'll add more continuation stories in the future if I have the time.
The reference picture below is how yuki looks like since I can't find a more accurate picture, please bear with it.