Author Topic: Talk about my mom  (Read 1863 times)


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on: September 15, 2021, 10:00:13 AM
Im begging for you guys to talk about my slutty mom. I dream about her taking BBC. She is 5'2 and has a brunette pony tail, she is still really fit because she goes to the gym weekly. I hope some black guys are hitting on her there. She wears make up daily, even if she doesn't go out the house, I imagine/hope she has an only fans or something like that. She is 42 years old and has great fucking tits. I think she has E cups. Once I saw some products around the house that help with keeping her tits perky, fuck I mastrubated a lot that day thinking shes doing that for Big Black Cock. She is a single mom and she lives alone with me, perfect way to cuck me with sex noises that are coming from her room. Please talk about her taking some BBC, maybe start a chat with me.

Heres a story that happened like a year ago and got me hard beyond my dreams.

I was helping her out with grocery shopping and I saw my black bully there, he made a lot of jokes about my mom being a milf in school before. He was suddenly really nice to me and greeted us, he stood right infront of my mom looking at her body and bit his lips in a sexual way. My mom giggled in a horny kind of way. I got hard right that instant and my bully even saw it and laughed silently, I think he knows im a cuck. My mom asked him questions about school and my black bully acted like he was my friend, my mom suddenly really got close to him to give him a hug to thank him for being such a good friend to me. The look my black bully gave me during that hug, he even had his hand over my moms ass while looking at me. I rubbed my dick a small bit over my pants and he saw that and laughed at me again silently. I mastrubated a lot that day thinking about him fucking my mom, I even took his Instagram pics and put em next to pics of my mom.

Heres a picture of someone that looks A LOT like my mom, its almost scary. I mastrubated many times to this thinking it was her sucking a Big Black Cock