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Fapping Materials / Re: Hot mom gets upskirted right in front of son
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That would be fucking awesome. Id straight up ask dude to send it to me
Fapping Materials / Re: Asphyxiation Deepthroat
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Real Life / Re: Pornstars with their kids
« Last post by BimoBinny on Today at 09:12:30 PM »
Just came across this reddit story on tiktok.

Young teen boy started getting bullied at school because the other kids found his mom's OnlyFans account. She wasn't even trying to hide it, she had it linked to her twitter account, and that's how the kids found it

When he confronted his mom about the bullying, she just told him that it felt empowering for her to be seen as sexy again, and that "sex work is real work" and refused to stop or be ashamed.

When he went to the school about it, they refused to punish the bullies, because there was too many to punish, and only one of him.

So now everyone knows his mom is on Only Fans, everyone knows how to see it, everybody knows he's being bullied because of it, she knows the boys bullying her son are also jerking off to her online, and nobody cares.

haha I went to the original thread on TrueOffMyChest and OP was called out as he said he was  23 in previous posts, then tried to defend himself by saying that he shared the account with his cousin.
Fapping Materials / No luck.
« Last post by Bushido is Life on Today at 07:04:31 PM »
Joel has had bad luck with women ever since his bully Damon showed up,Damon has target Joel and successful stole all of his girlfriend's and even turned his loving older sister against.joels first girlfriend was a cute and Innocent Chinese women name Jade, Joel found Jade sucking Damon's huge cock barley getting his dick down her throat as a large amount of Slob and Drool ran down her chin.joels second girlfriend was a pretty Japanese women named yumi, Yumi resisted Damon until he pulled out his huge dick after that she was basically hypnotized and got her her knees and took as much of Damon's cock as she could.joels third and final girlfriend was a beautiful Korean women huge juggs with model looks Any man would be lucky to have her but there was one problem she was bisexual and was addicted to woman, Jai also was addicted to huge cock's so damon used two lesbian escorts to seduce Jai when Joel came home he found Jai in bed with two big breasted blondes eating pussy like there was no tomorrow after that Joel knew the relationship was over and he even had to leave his own apartment and find a new place to live.joel still had his "sister taby for moral support" or so he thought until damon showed up on the scene to ruin everything; Damon seduced taby and starting dating her, joel was in his worst mood in life thinking things could not get any worse as he came home hearing noises in his bedroom.joel walks into his bedroom to find Jade, Yumi, Jai and taby nude and having sex on his bed; Joel stood in shock as he put in a chock lock and blacks out.joel Wakes up hog-tied with tape over his mouth unable to free himself he begins to panic and sink into deep despair as the bedroom door opens and his fully nude mom walks in a young looking fourty year old milf with huge boobs and a thin waste.joels heart begins to beat fast as a look of horror comes over his face,his mom walks up to him and says "you pathetic little bastard" as she walks over and kisses damon on the lips passionately while his exes and sister still go at it on his bed. Joel begins to cry knowing he his defeated and has lost all the woman in his life, damon drags Joel outside his own house still hogtied and with tape over his mouth unable to protest and not able to move at all. damon walks back in leaving Joel outside defeated, unable to speak or move as he hears to bed slamming up against the wall and the bed squeak loudly as he hears all the woman moan together in complete pleasure.
Fapping Materials / Re: What would be your ideal plot for a bully story?
« Last post by dizzy91 on Today at 02:33:56 AM »
My ideal plot would be a story from the point of view of the son's friend: you could tell it in a way that describes every step from flirting into the fucking of his friend's mom, in first person. The kinky thing for me would be that this lucky guy would feel guilty and think about his friendship every time he puts his penis inside this friend's mom holes (mouth would be so hot). You could write about his reflections on betrayal and loyalty, yet he won't hesitate on giving a facial to his friend's mom.

The mom could be separated or divorced, very scorned and open to new experiences, and adventurous woman. Beautiful, but not a supermodel.

For me it would be really hot if the son's friend becomes more evil every time, forgets about his friendship and even plots a threesome with his friend's worse enemy (or cousin, or another friend...)

The cuckold-son must be naive, a guy who believes in loyalty, pretty normal kind of guy. Clueless, completely, about whats happening to his mom. 

The story could escalate by developing a kind of cuckold-hotwife relationship between this lucky guy and his friend's mom, sharing her with classmates, immigrants, neighbors, soccer/basketball teammates, etc.

I leave the scenarios to you, but there are several: birthdays, trips, graduations, and so on.

If you like, we can chat on email about this, and other plots. I hope this helps
Fapping Materials / Re: Stories links (Moms vs Bullies)
« Last post by Inquis1t0r on Today at 01:14:40 AM »
i have translated some great story by my opinion (from russian website, deepl+manual edit)
let me know what you think

ps.i am not a professional translator, maybe there is some mistakes
Dude can you give me a link where you found this story?
Fapping Materials / Re: What would be your ideal plot for a bully story?
« Last post by swt on September 28, 2022, 08:01:18 PM »
I like to see a story that doesn't start out as a "bullying" story but slowly turns into one.

A happily married couple with a son and a daughter.  The mother is at a school event of some sort for her son and ends up meeting and being charmed by a student in the school that's a year or two older than the son.  The son and this student don't have any sort of preexisting relationship.  They're aware of each other but not in the same circles.  Ultimately the mother runs into this student a few more times and ends up being seduced.

It turns into a bit of a cuckold story as she's fucking her new "boyfriend" behind her husband's back. 

Proceeds this way for a while and they start fucking at her house when no one else is home.  The "bully" convinces the mom that they should try to fuck in every room of the house.

They ultimately get to the sons room and the bully realizes he's turned on by dominating the son by fucking his mom right in his own bed.  He pulls out and cums all over the son's desk and belongings.  The mother is a bit annoyed by that but doesn't make a big deal of it.

This is the point where the bully hatches the plan to have the mother be his accomplice in "bullying" the son.  The wrinkle is that (at least at first), they're just doing mean things to him without him knowing who's responsible.

This could set up a whole series of "pranks" they play on him that would gradually ramp up in intensity and meanness.

Things like:

 - Bully fucks the mother with various items belong to the son. Basically anything that will fit in her pussy or ass ends up inside of her at some point.  Maybe the son wins a medal or some other kind of prize for winning a chess competition and the mother steals it and hides it up her ass all day while the son is freaking out looking for it.  There would be a scene where the mom is trying to "help" him find it but the medal is up her ass and the ribbon for it is just slightly visible above the waist of her pants

- The mother and the bully log on to the son's social media and cause some kind of havoc for him that way (note:  this is stolen from one of my favorite scenes in Conflicted)

- The mother sets some sort of "trap" or something that would cause the son to fall and maybe hurt himself a little.  Before setting the trap she hid a camera so they could record the fall.  They watch it on the TV later in the sons room while fucking on his bed.

- The mother installs some kind of spyware on the son's computer and they use it to control and record his webcam and ultimately get a video of him naked and jerking off to porn.  It might take a while, but the mother ultimately decides to upload it somewhere on the web so others can see.  She wrestles with the idea of uploading to a place where his classmates would be guaranteed to see.

- And so on....

I have no idea how it should end.  That's always the tricky part, I think.  The son would have to find out in some spectacular fashion I'd imagine,

Also not sure if I'd want to mother to ultimately corrupt the little sister for her help in bullying the son, or have her start doing mean things to the sister as well.
Fapping Materials / Re: Stories links (Moms vs Bullies)
« Last post by exterminatus on September 28, 2022, 04:32:49 PM »
i have translated some great story by my opinion (from russian website, deepl+manual edit)
let me know what you think

ps.i am not a professional translator, maybe there is some mistakes
Fantasy Discussion / Re: Rivals/Perverted friends/Nerdy Classmates Vs Bullies
« Last post by adamingleww on September 28, 2022, 08:44:56 AM »
It doesn't have to be a stereotypical huge dicked chiseled abs kind of bully, but there should be something about the bull that makes the son insecure prior to the story. It doesn't have to be physical, it can be a sports rivalry, better grades, being better at video games, whatever. The specifics aren't important, but I like when the son has reason to be nervous from the outset.